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About Corgis

Corgis are very much like Hobbits. They are very short, with furry feet, and love to eat. Their favorite meals are Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, Afternoon Snack, Dinner, Supper, Dessert, After-dinner Snack, and Midnight Snack. They love a good conversation almost as much as a good meal.

Corgis are very good gardeners, and though they aren't so good with organization, they love to help you dig and plant things. They are exceedingly friendly, and believe that nothing gets them out of trouble as well as a good kiss. They adore cats, rabbits, and boggarts, as well as people, and feel as though they know you as soon as they've met you.

If you ever have the good luck to meet a corgi, a good way to introduce yourself is to sit down on the floor so that you are within easy reach, and proffer your face to be kissed. Squealing is in no way frowned upon. The best ways to befriend a corgi are to either share a meal with them, (yours, of course), or to play with them, depending on the age and personality of the corgi.