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Once upon a time or two, an obnoxious dog named Teegan got in the way of my typing. It really wasn't that big of a deal, seeing as how I was pretty used to it. But for some reason, it really annoyed me. I knew perfectly well that she was my dog, and therefore was supposed to come to me when she felt neglected. But the fact was that she always felt neglected, and I was tired of it. (I was forgetting all the times when I wanted puppy kisses from her and she disdainfully ignored me).

“Go away,” I whined, annoying the other three people in the room. (I say three, but really only two were annoyed because the third was my brother and he had his headphones in).

“Stop whining,” said my mother.

“If I had a computer in my room you wouldn't have to hear it,” I responded, tactfully ceasing my whining. She failed to notice and remained annoyed.

“Is your webpage ready to go up?” my father asked me, though I have no idea why me wanting a laptop corresponds to my webpage.

“Um … No?” I responded, guiltily trying to hide the fact that I hadn't started my webpage yet. “I, um, can't figure out how to do hyperlinks,” I added, because it was true, and because it made a good excuse.

It wasn't long, of course, before I ran out of excuses. Especially because I really wanted to have my own webpage. So that's how I ended up with this. It's kind of a little messy, but you can blame that on the dog who insisted on periodically sticking her ice-cold nose on my arm and distracting me.