St.Paul Classic
September 2005

Chris rode the long course in the St. Paul Classic Bike Tour.

Including the ride to and from the event, it was about 36 miles.

The streets were full of bicycles. Most (but not all) of the course was closed to motor traffic.
Time to change things.
Stopping to see the view.
It was a ride, not a race and people stopped frequently along the way to rest, talk, or catch the view over the Mississippi River.
I remember when my kids were that age...
This particular youngster got tired early on. I don't know if his Papa got to finish the ride or not. (Hope so!)
There were kids like this camped out all along the River Road, just behind the barriers. Sometimes they cheered us on, but most of the time they were caught up in their own conversations.
A beautiful day for a ride.
There were a lot of bikes. The website says that there were over 7000 registrations in 2004. This was one of the rest stops along the way. The crowd at Como Park was even larger.
The St. Paul skyline, as seen from Mounds Park, over my bike. ...just to prove I'd made it that far.

It took 2.28 hours of riding time (that's excluding stops) for me to complete the course, which was just under 31 miles. According to the nifty bicycle odometer that Rachel and Arzélie got for me, my average riding speed was 13.5mph (though I hit 31.5mph on one of the downhills).