March, 2006

February was a stressfull month, but things started to lighten up by March so we took a three-day weekend and headed up north.

Solbakken is a good old-fashioned resort on Lake Superior that Rachel and Amalia discovered with friends on their way back from a camping trip in 2004. We thought it would be good place to which to escape for a few days. A snowstorm started just after we passed Duluth, and provided some dramatic snow and ice sculptures for us to enjoy.

thumbs/P2060004.jpg thumbs/P2060005.jpg thumbs/P2060010.jpg thumbs/P2060014.jpg
thumbs/P2060021.jpg thumbs/P2060027.jpg thumbs/P2060032.jpg thumbs/P2060038.jpg
thumbs/P2060039.jpg thumbs/P2060040.jpg thumbs/P2060041.jpg thumbs/P2060043.jpg
thumbs/P2060048.jpg thumbs/P2060049.jpg thumbs/P2060050.jpg thumbs/P2060051.jpg
thumbs/P2060052.jpg thumbs/P2060053.jpg thumbs/P2060054.jpg thumbs/P2060055.jpg
thumbs/P2060057.jpg thumbs/P2060060.jpg thumbs/P2060064.jpg thumbs/P2060068.jpg
thumbs/P2060074.jpg thumbs/P2060081.jpg thumbs/P2070003.jpg thumbs/P2070010.jpg
thumbs/P2070016.jpg thumbs/P2070018.jpg thumbs/P2070019.jpg thumbs/P2070020.jpg