Various Pictures

October, 2004
Aled's Halloween pumpkin from 2004.

November, 2005
A view across the Missouri River, on our way home at Thanksgiving.
Dry grass in November, on the banks of the Missouri.
River Landscape.

April 9th, 2006
We wandered through the sculpture garden at the Walker Art Center after seeing Hamlet, the last production to be staged at the old Guthrie.
Amalia appreciates good art.

April 30, 2006
The Ironman bike ride has a 30, 62, and 100 mile course. We had been joking about the 100, but wisely chose the 62. The weather was above average for the ironman (that is, awful). It rained a lot, and there was always a strong headwind no matter which direction we were riding.

62mi = 99.78km was really 100K.

Zachary gets wet during the first stage of our 100K ride.
Route map.
Chris gets wet during the first stage of our 100K ride.

August 4, 2007
The "Tour de Tonka".

Mike, Zach, and I all started off together at 7:30am on a grey but respectable summer morning. Mike made a lucky wrong turn at the decision point between the 33 mile course and the 65 mile course and finished well ahead of the worst weather.

As the day went on, the rain got heavier and the wind picked up. At 60 miles Zach and I were cold and wet and were told that the support crews and traffic police were being pulled from the course. We were the last ones on the route, so we gave up and took the sag wagon the last five miles.

Still, 60 miles... Not bad.

Zachary, Mike, and Chris.
A crowd of people preparing for the 65 mile ride.

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